Homeschool Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions

What is a homeschool portfolio? 

A homeschool portfolio is a sampling of your students’ work over the course of your school year. To use your portfolio for your annual evaluation, in the state of Florida, it must be reviewed by a Florida certified teacher and must show educational progress. According to Florida law, progress is not defined by state or national standards, simply that students grew throughout the year. There is no need to worry about completing an evaluation. Children learn naturally, so it is extremely difficult for them to not show educational growth during a year’s time. 

Which homeschooling method(s) do you evaluate? 

We respect parents’ right to educate their children using whatever method they feel is best for their children. I am not concerned with how you chose to school your children. We just want to help you showcase the awesome things they learned throughout the year. If you are not sure how to put the year’s learning in a portfolio, We are happy to help you put your portfolio together. 

Where do we meet?

We offer several choices for evaluations.  We are happy to set an appointment to meet with you and your child/ren at your home or a local public place convenient for you. We can also “meet” using an online video chat or by phone.How do cyber evaluations work? You can submit your portfolio electronically or mail a copy to me. This will allow me to view the portfolio quickly and efficiently. We can then have a video conference, or just talk via phone about the portfolio. I will then email you the documentation you need to submit to your local district office, within 24 hours. Originals can also be mailed, if you prefer. 

How much do evaluations cost? 

Evaluations requiring 45 min or less cost $40. We provide families with a checklist of items to help them organize their portfolios so that evaluations can be completed in this amount of time. If families need more time than this due to special circumstances, each additional half hour will cost $20. Additional siblings scheduled for the same day will cost $30. Cyber evaluations cost $30. Evaluations can be paid with cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. 

Do you offer other services besides evaluations?

Yes! We offer enrichment programs, transcript services for high schoolers, testing services (Woodcock Johnson, SAT 10, IOWA, etc.), subject tutoring, portfolio organization, and general homeschool support.