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Whether you want to provide your student with additional help because they are struggling, or you want to help them stay ahead, choosing Beacon will ensure that your child receives a personalized learning experience, created exclusively for their individual needs.  The instruction offered by Beacon is always performed by certified educators.  Beacon instructors are able to assist in multiple subject areas, ranging from kindergarten through the college level.
Test Preparation 

Let us help you prepare for upcoming assessments:

SAT, PSAT, ACT, GED, End of Course Exams, FSAs, Finals/Mid-terms, Classroom Assessments 
Do you have a student that learns quickly and needs content above their grade level?  We can provide lessons at their level, to help keep your child interested in learning.  Lessons can also be given over school breaks to help prevent learning loss.
Home Schooling 
We offer portfolio evaluations, administration of standardized tests, occasional subject specific tutoring, enrichment classes, transcripts, curriculum development, organizational strategies, and whole course instruction.
We can reteach math, reading, and writing skills that were not previously mastered so that students can achieve at grade level. 
Subject Tutoring 

We can assist with courses in which you are struggling by offering homework assistance, reteaching lessons, and presenting content based up your learning style.  

Writing Assistance 
Need help with an upcoming research paper?  Don't know where to start on that college entrance essay?  Our writing instructors are available to help you with any part of the writing process. 
Virtual School Assistance 
Supplementing your online instruction with one on one, face to face interactions because sometimes you just need a live person. 
Online Homework Assistance 
Having a problem with homework the night before it is due?  Our team is available via Skype and Google Hangouts. If you need help, give us a call.
I look forward to my sessions because it helps me feel less anxious about school.  It helps to know that I have someone who can help me when I'm not getting it.
High school student 
Group Sessions Available 

Groups of 2-5 students needing instruction for the same course can benefit from lower instructional rates.


Navigating certain educational decisions can be confusing and stressful for parents.  Beacon offers information and support because it helps to know that you have a person with your child's best interest at heart.  We can direct you to resources, research and contact organizations on your behalf, and attend parent teacher conferences and 504/IEP/ESOL meetings with you.  
I had tried to arrange a 504 meeting with the school for weeks, and couldn't get on the calendar.  Beacon helped me write an email, and I was on the calendar within minutes. 
Mother of a 3rd grader 
Beacon helped me write a letter explaining our situation.  The letter helped us get the meeting we needed, and then they attended the meeting with me.  I always get overwhelmed in those meetings because there are so many people.  It's hard to think of questions and process what everyone is saying.  I am so glad Beacon was with me.  It made it less stressful, and they are going with me to my next meeting! 
Mother of a high schooler 
Beacon offers parents an objective view of their child's current situation.  After performing observations or shadowing, we can provide recommendations and strategies to be applied at school and/or home, as well as, provide information and insight to help formulate an individualized learning plan.
Beacon went to school and shadowed our daughter for us because she was having trouble in Science. She came back and gave us some strategies that she could apply in the classroom to make it easier when she got home.  It was great to get that kind of insight into what is going on during the day.
Mother of a Freshman
Cognitive Therapy 

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Cognitive therapy is an individualized program for students with learning differences.  Through the use of multisensory techniques and a computer based program called Brainjogging, Beacon can help students with ADHD, Processing Disorders, Slow Processing Speeds, Dyslexia, and more!  The program drives positive behavorial changes and makes learning material easier and less frustrating for students.
Teen Life Coaching 

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Certified teen life and academic coaches, can work with your teen on a variety of topics, including:  self esteem, anger management, study skills, time managment, managing stress, and more.